Cash slips processing – income and expeditures on the ground of      tabled slips
Receivables and payables processing – received and issued      invoices on the ground of tabled slips
Bank statements processing on the ground of tabled slips
In – house documents processing on the ground of tabled slips
Summary of paid – up and outstanding invoices
Processing of monthly, quarterly and annual income tax return of      VAT, processing of income tax return of personal income tax and      corporate income tax, road tax etc.
Processing of monthly bookclosing, particular tax supporting      documents and monthly summaries
Records of long – term tangibles and intangibles
Wages processing and personalistics, annual account statement
Statistical returns processing, Intrastat
Clerical work
Bookkeeping consulting
Incorporation of a company
Changes in Commercial and Trade Register
Registered office keeping
Representation at tax proceedings
Audit under directives of Slovak Chamber      of Auditors and International Standards      on Accounting
Interim audit at prearranged terms
Closing verification – statutory audit of      bookclosing
Audit consulting

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